Ugh…. starting over


I registered for another half marathon. EIGHT weeks ago. Knowing (read: hoping and praying) that it would jump start my motivation and that I would be way ahead when ‘official’ training started. Then I woke up for my first day of super motivated overachieving I’m king of the world training and I strength trained. I did. Look at me go, I AM AWESOME!! Day two was a rest day (what, already? but remember, I’m highly motivated..) turns out, day two needed to be rest day by virtue of the fact I couldn’t walk and heaven forbid I had to use the bathroom. Because if I did I might as well just stayed on that toilet for the rest of the day, because even with all the power of a thousand moons I could not lift myself off of it. Here is where highly motivated became still motivated but that ice cream sandwich sure looks good. But alas, day three a short 15 minute run and 30 more minutes of strength training. I did it, 15 of the longest minutes of my life, but I did it. I even managed to finish the next 30 minutes of planks and lunges and squats. I felt good, high fived myself and everything. Day four, more strength training. Did it. I’m on a roll, not a happy jelly filled one, but still motivated and maybe just a little whiney.. Day five, rest day. Woo! It’s about dang time. In fact if it hadn’t been for baseball I probably wouldn’t have even gotten out of bed. Motivation level: suck it. Day six: Saturday, just five days since I started this journey – 5 miles. Wait, what?? I laughed, I scoffed, I laced my shoes, somehow managed to convince Matt to come with me (I think he figured if he didn’t go, a phone call from an emergency responder was in his near future). We did it. It wasn’t ‘fast’, I may or may not have cursed once or twice or whatever. But we finished ALL five of those miles.

Then, the weekend hit, we had to leave for a baseball tournament. I took my shoes and my handy gps watch.

42 days and zero runs later… I started over on day one of week one of ‘official’ training :|

I got through ALL three of my runs and a day of cross training this week. Last night after my last 4 miles of the week (11 total, wuss) I had to sleep in my compression sleeves and I don’t know if my calves will ever be the same. But I am not quitting. Even if this is my view for the next 77 days.


Expect weekly updates for the next 11 weeks and then a finisher photo from the end of the race.

July – August – September – 2010

July 2010

iPhoto and calendar were in agreement that this is all that happened this month:

Syd spends a lot o time in the sun. She was a fish this summer and thusly my very dark skinned daughter.

07:10-01Baseball wrapped up on the 4th of July. As much as we love the baseball. We also love the end of the baseball. We get 3 to 4 weeks off between baseball and football and they are glorious. Many of the days are spent at the pool, where I’d just move in if they’d let me. I also like to think of these ‘free’ days as my time off also, so dinner looks like this quite often.

07:10-02hot dogs and smores (and for me PB &J and smores. because hot dogs.. gross) but whatevs because what I don’t have to cook.. mama loves

Matt’s grandma has decided that we need a piano. Nobody in our house plays or has expressed any interest in it (I took lessons back in ye old days, and could maybe find middle C if the price was right) but we needed a piano. We found one near by that passed the old enough test and the scrolling wood work matches NOTHING in our house look, so obviously it needed to come to our home pronto. I wish I wasn’t such a cheapo and would pay the price to host videos here (yes, I’m sure there is a way with the YouTube or the iCloud. whatever.) because I have video of 4 men trying to gently move the piano heavier than our car down the basement steps (oh, there’s people that move pianos for a living. knew it. didn’t need them. live life on the wild side) and aside from the frightening ‘someone is going to lose their life or possibly a limb’ it’s kind of funny. But you’ll have to make due with this picture instead. It survived the Chicago fire of 19 blah blah blah and trip to England and back by boat and a trip from the east coast and several years in a not temperature moderated garage. So whats a trip down 13 stairs.

07:10-032013 update: this piano has not moved since the day it became a member of our family, covered in dust and has now endured through the flood of  2011.

The same could not be said about uprooted tooth of May 2010. Root Canal.

07:10-04Molly did survive her first bee sting.

07:10-05and then there were fun times at the pool. lots of fun times and bad food.



August 2010

It must be a summer thing or maybe I just remembered to document the events in our life better but, I have photos for all the worth talking about events of August to.

08:10-01the summer work party and the first family photo in 3 years.

08:10-02a visit with Great Grandma for her birthday. (still one of my favorite photos ever)

08:10-03and then football practice starts. this also represents the end of our summer. School doesn’t start for another 4 weeks, but with practices and games and having to eat properly and sunburns hurt under pads. Summer’s a wrap the first day of practice. But, YAY because football has started!!! (2103 note: oh my goodness on how small these boys are, not so small anymore).

and then there’s the games


Again with the smallness. This is Chris with the Offensive Coordinator. We love his guts.

08:10-05I keep telling Syd that she better go into athletic training or sports management or something like that because she will hate the view from the bleachers. She has grown up in the dugout and on the sidelines (and this sounds so familiar, have I typed this before, do you remember this? Honestly with the 3 year recap and Facebook I feel like I’m repeating everything.)

and finally back to school (doing my 2013 math…)

Chris going into 5th grade and Syd going in to 4th grade.

08:10-06Matt also had a birthday this month. No pictures. Bad wife.

September 2010

September is nothing but football and the harsh realization that school is back in session… oh, the homework. hated you then, hate you now.

09:10-01I did manage to find a day to build crates for the controllers and games for the various gaming systems we own. and LOOK doors!


April – May – June – 2010

April 2010

iPhoto says:

ImageA field trip to the Nature Center. Listen. I don’t do field trips. I have gone on one with Chris and two with Syd. That’s all I have in me. Turns out I don’t enjoy other people children. So Matt the super hero swooped in and went with Syd on this one. Plus, do you see that snow in the background.. yeah Strike 1, then did you read ‘Nature’ in the where of this field trip – Strike 2, Strike 3, they expect you to go out into both of them. Ha HA. You can find me at home, in bed, under the warm blankets.

Calendar says:

Baseball games have begun this month, finally. Not that we don’t value three months of practice, but it is nice to know that there is a reason you attend all the practices. So we now attend 2 games every Saturday and we are still in the throws of baseball practice and speed and agility, which makes me think, I don’t know that I mentioned CHRIS goes to this class, not me. Just clarifying. Also, Molly had a visit with the vet. Because here in our house we value pet health to.

May 2010

iPhoto says:

Anytime I go to Colorado I go to a Rockies game. There’s not much better than a baseball game in the summer time at a big league park. We had bought cheap tickets, because I knew this was the game that I would catch a home run ball. Because that’s what I do. But a friend of Matt’s had mentioned he was given some tickets for the game and he wasn’t going to be able to use them, so I could use them I just had to pick them up at will call. Easy. When we got to the game there was what one might call a LONG line coming from the will call window, so I thought it might be more work than I wanted to put in, you know since I already had tickets. I persevered and working with the nice lady at the window and many a phone call back and forth with Matt’s friend I had two shiny tickets in my hand. I say shiny because they actually were shiny. This should have triggered some spot in my brain to say that these tickets could in fact be a little different than my not shiny tickets. The nice lady sent us in the direction of our gate and special handshake to get in. This again should have triggered something, all the special directions and SHINY tickets, but no. So off we went in search of the door after the right turn after home plate. When we found the door there was a super nice gentleman that asked if he could help us so I showed him our shiny tickets and he said we were in the right place and to come on in. There we were offered the ‘special’ team merchandise only available to shiny ticket holders. We passed and boarded the elevator. An elevator. I’ve never ridden an elevator at a baseball game before. The nice gentleman continued talking with us and let us know that we would be going down to the clubhouse restaurant and that we could eat anything that we wanted, all we would have to pay for is any alcohol that we might have wanted, everything else.. FREE. ? What? I’ve never been given free food at a baseball game before (unless you count the Mike and Ike’s or the many a sunflower seed I’ve had thrown at me by toddlers running from their mothers.) He also informed us that he would show us to our seats and if we had any questions to just find him and he would be more than happy to help. Then the doors opened. We followed him to the ‘restaurant’ which wasn’t you know, like Applebee’s or anything, it was well, where the players ate to. So much nicer than anywhere I’ve ever eaten. He walked us out to our seats and I just laughed at him and asked him if was sure because I could see right into the dugout, not from across the field, not from where i was standing and now I had to go away. Just right there to my right was the dugout. He said we could go up to the merchandise store or any of the food places (but why when the food was all free just behind me), he also mentioned that during the game there would be waiters coming in and out so if we needed anything just wave them down and they will bring us anything we wanted.. (one of everything please. Just because). I did ask, if I cross the magic line back to the ‘common’ folk are you sure they’ll let me back down here? He laughed and put a magic bracelet on me and said ‘with this you can do no wrong’. Kidding. It just allowed me to cross the magic line back to baseball fan heaven. Then. Then. He said follow me.. and continued saying the Rockies players had finished up BP so we had missed them but the Dodgers are taking some BP if you’d like to watch and then he opened an even more magical door and there I was ON THE FIELD!


now this may not be very cool to some of you or maybe it’s the ‘norm’ for you, but me, I don’t get to just stand ON THE FIELD of a major league park just any ol’ time. The grass was perfect, the dirt was perfect, and there was Rafael Furcal feet from me swinging the bat JUST LIKE ON TV.


So naturally I started making phone calls to everyone I knew. Do you know where I am? I AM ON THE FIELD. I HAVE DIRT FROM THE FIELD IN MY SHOES. I didn’t even let the poor people talk back I just hung up and called the next person. After I settled’er back down we decided to go get some of that free food. It, of course, was amazing. Then we went up to the Rockies store and purchased shirts because if I was going to be on tv at the game I for sure was going to be wearing a Rockies shirt and I had hopes and dreams of getting something signed for Syd. When we got back to our seats (the magic bracelet totally worked) the game began. I think I watched the dugout more than the actual game. Right there was Helton and Tulo and Cargo. I’d like to think I wasn’t the first neurotic person to ever sit tin that seat, but I’m pretty sure that Tulo was a little freaked out by all the photos I was taking of him. For Syd. I did stop every so often and had the nice waiter bring me lemonade. ice cream. nachos. My sweet dad kept calling me and letting me know I was on tv. so I tried not to eat, because we’ve all seen those people at the games. I was not going to be one of them. Then I found out that during a review of a homerun – a long review – from the angle of the dugout that the camera was on I was the only person you could see. So that was my 6 minutes of fame, the neurotic lady that got shiny tickets to the baseball game. Matt even recorded it to the DVR. proof. nice. The Rockies lost but it was an amazing night. I didn’t want to leave. We had some people take some pictures of us and as we were getting ready to leave Troy Tulowitzki came back out into the dugout grabbed his batting gloves and threw them to the two boys that had been sitting a row in front of us!

(never in my life have I so badly wanted to wrestle a small child to the ground and steal from him)

(and the ending of that story would have been so much cooler had he thrown them to me, right.)

I was able to convince one of the bat boys to give me a game ball, for my daughter. So Syd did get a ball from the game.



Oh, and then I ran the Bolder Boulder.

Megan came with me. It was a blast again. The sun was new, as it has decided not to appear above my house ever. So it was warm, but I’ll take it any day.


Calendar says:

Even before the exciting trip to Colorado. We attended some baseball games. Then on the 15th I ran my very first 1/2 Marathon. Remember that one I was supposed to start training for, that I totally did, but for only 6 weeks instead of 12. I’m thinking now that would make a difference. I had a goal of 2 hours. I did not meet that goal. In fact, I was not even close to it. I finished in 2 hours 38 minutes and 4 seconds. I was super disappointed, but I was glad that I finished. It was not a fun race for me. I had some sort of allergy related bronchial thing going on, so I couldn’t breathe real well and my cough sounded like I was sure to lose a lung at some point during the race. About mile 3 I started getting a migraine. My migraines begin with loosing parts in my vision. So for about 3 more miles I couldn’t see very well, once that moved out of my vision the pain started. At one of the water stations they had oranges and bananas available. I’m pretty sure the dirty looks I got were because I was eating more than my share of the fruit, but I didn’t know what else to do. So I raced on. I don’t know if it was the fruit or the energy gels or the gatorade or the constant prayer going through my head, but the pain finally went away. Then I hit ‘the wall’, mile 11. So close but still so far to go. This is where the volunteers really came into play. I really thought up to this point that running was 90% physical 10% mental, but now I really think its the opposite. Those last two miles were run with nothing but mental power. Those nice ladies that would come to me to get me water and pat me on the back and tell me ‘you’re doing it, you’ve come so far don’t quit now, and my favorite- it’s all downhill from here’ (it always is, to those who aren’t running). Somehow I managed to finish. I am so glad that I did. It wasn’t the time that I wanted. But it gave me a time to beat the next year. As hard as this race was, I look back at it now and it’s one of my favorite. I had no one along the course cheering me on, I crossed the finish line in front of strangers and I sat on the grass afterward with no one. But that day I DID IT. Somewhere, somehow I found strength in myself that I didn’t know I had. I fought through pain when I ran Ragnar the previous year (which was now just 4 weeks away) but the mental game of this race was completely different. I’ll always look back and be proud of my 2 hours 38 minutes and 4 seconds.

June 2010

iPhoto says:

During my trip to Colorado in May, Chris played in a baseball tournament. I remember that I was sitting at the dinner table when I received a text from Matt’s phone “Chris just got hit in the mouth with a baseball”. Honestly, I read it but didn’t give much thought to it, he’d been hit by a baseball several times and besides I was 500 miles away. So this fell under Matt’s current parental duties.

Then I got home. What the text lacked was the explanation that he’d been pitching when he’d been hit and that the ball had come off the bat right back at him. (He’d almost caught it, but it glanced the top of his glove right into his mouth) So what Chris got hit in the mouth by a ball really meant was, he now had 4 loose bottom front teeth, with one of them uprooted, but ‘look at the cool lace marks on my chin’. What this meant for was, if he couldn’t suck it through a straw, this is how his food had to served ..


The weekend after I got back, we headed up to Idaho for another tournament. Just a couple pictures because why not.

06:10-02No baseballs to the face. There was one time when Chris hit a in the field home run and when the team went to plate to high five him, someone accidentally high fived him in the mouth. But a couple motrin later in was just fine.

The next weekend Mattt and I ran Ragnar. No Matt does not run. I forced him into this and lesson learned that will not happen again. He did say he had some fun, just not the running part. Here was our van:


here is the whole team (minus Dirk):

06:10-06and here is Molly sleeping on her duck:


Calendar says:

Not much of anything else. More baseball games. Syd started basketball but I have no photographic evidence of this so you’ll just have to trust me. In other words, some sort of sport EVERY NIGHT and twice on saturdays.

That wraps up the first half of 2010.

January – February – March – 2010

It’s funny how three years ago should feel like its been a while, but looking back at all the photos and the even the calendar, things seem like they were just a few months ago, or maybe just last year. Time goes so fast and is passing by us faster each year. Pictures that I remember looking at and thinking, how the heck have the kids gotten so old, now look like baby pictures and having hindsight into the events that I will be writing about is very interesting. I remember being so stressed about certain games or heck, even the 5th grade for Chris, freaking out because jr. high seemed so close and “you will take him from my cold dead hands”, now he has a year of jr. high behind him and Syd’s headed there next.

So, January 2010

iPhoto says:

It snowed, I know so because we have these pictures of Syd falling in love with snowboarding…


and of me surviving ‘the sledding crash of 2010’ that took out me, 5 innocent children and the dog.


Calendar says:

baseball practice started, which means we were at the indoor practice facility at least two times a week. There was also much complaining about the cold. From me. Because that happens EVERY YEAR.

(In fact, I just unplugged my computer and hauled it upstairs and am sitting on the floor writing this because it’s like the antarctic in my basement.)

February 2010

iPhoto says:


Matt’s handy work. He’s wanted a mouse doorbell forever. Originally this was going to be constructed from the Apple puck mouse ‘fail’, but I had to put my foot down. because honestly. But then came the day that the above mouse went the way of the dodo bird. I had no ground to stand on to say no. So now this is what greets you at our house.

(2013 side note: update, people struggle with this doorbell. They squeeze it, they try to scroll with it… just push it people. Its a doorbell)

It’s a rarity that we hear our doorbell.

Calendar says:

Baseball practice. Speed and Agility practice. Syd went on a field trip. I got my hair cut. I was also supposed to start half marathon training. Which means I probably actually started 6 weeks later.

(2013 note to self: start your training when your supposed to!)

March 2010

iPhoto says:

Syd had her 9th birthday.


fancy candle brought to you by Aunt Michelle. I did however make the cheesecake. So see I AM a good mom.

and because I know you stay awake at night waiting for me to start a new project..

(this is one of those moments that I think, there’s no way this was 3 years ago. But who can challenge the EXIF data from the camera. Not me.)


It all started when our trusty RCA rear projection tv decided that it wanted to turn off at random times while we were, you know, watching it. Eventually it gave up the ghost and we decide to enter into the flat screen revolution. However, since our old tv sat on the floor and there was no way I was going to put the new television that I would probably choose to save over my children, should it ever come to that, on the floor. So the gears fired up in project mode and out came the tape measure. The above drawing went from paper to this..


 and then to this..


 and then to this..


which is not the FINAL version but I can’t find a FINAL version picture. I know I could walk out to the tv right now and take a FINAL verson picture, but I’m not THAT dedicated to this (; besides I’d be willing to bet you like 3 dollars that it will show up in the background of some other picture totally not related to this particular post and you can be all, hey she did put doors on it. Because I totally did.

Calendar says:

baseball practice. speed and agility. baseball prctice. speed and agility. baseb… you get it. Syd’s birthday, but we covered that earlier. so check.

November 21 2009

That was the last time I graced these pages with a post. 2009. It’s currently 2013. June of 2013.

I’d like to say something monumental happened that kept from the internet. But I think it was a bit o ‘look what we did today’ burnout. We’re not very exciting, we don’t even vacation really. So for the possible 3 of you that might visit here (or maybe it’s just Pam, Hi Pam!) I’m gonna give it a go. I’m even going to show you how dedicated I am (today) and start with what some would refer to as a recap of the last three and a half years. I have iPhoto and the calendar on my phone to go from so we’ll see how it goes. Really, I could just throw up 3 photos, one of a baseball field, one of a football field and one of a basketball court – with a caption that reads… This is what we do. The End.

But you deserve more, plus when I’ve died and the kids want to read aboot

(I totally meant to type about, but then it made me laugh that I typed aboot, like I’m Canadian, so I’m leaving it)

our lives. This is where they can come. Maybe if I put a lot of pressure on myself. I’ll be super fancy and do one of those blog to book things and BAM, journal!

Any who. Bear with me as we take a journey into the past for a few (or more) posts. Oh and, welcome back, by the way. Super to see you again.

a tad bit of over-confindence?

Syd had a game this morning. Couldn’t hit a shot to save her life…it probably wouldn’t hurt if we were at the building, say, 10 minutes early so that she could warm up, instead of five minutes late as we screech into the parking lot push her from the moving vehicle and yell good luck we’ll be in in a minute after we park. OR there’s the slight chance that her head may have become slightly larger than the basketball with over confidence. maybe. it’s not just from us. her coach does it to. but welcome back to planet ‘shoot from with in the key and not at the 3 point line. please.’ they don’t count any ways, which, what the heck, I say if a 8 year old girl can shoot and make a three pointer – GIVE IT TO HER. But Sydney… please shoot from inside the key… and it does help if your looking at the basket. Love ya. Mom. At least she had cool socks. Did I mention that there is 3, yes, 3 Sydney’s on her team.

Syd’s first game

There was a slight mishap at the city office building as Syd’s basketball season began without her. BUT, we smooth out the wrinkles, made a call, and viola! Syd had her first game today. She was able to attend one practice last tuesday, but really, at this age no one wants to practice.. let’s play the game dang it! She got put at the point guard and was, pardon me while a gloat, on fi-ya!! The team scored 12 points, and she had 8 of them. It was exciting to watch – that was a lie, it was frustrating and sometimes I found my eyes closed, but she had a blast and that’s what matters. It would be nice if you could infuse all your knowledge into them by the big hug you give them before the game, so that they know.. it does not help anyone to stand in one spot waving your arms yelling their name, MOVE, run to them. Any. Who. She’s a ball-a and I love it.

Halloween pictures

Syd and here friends ready to go.


She’s the football player. I didn’t get a picture of Chris, he left before I got the chance, he was the same thing as Syd.


Our pumpkins, Chris and Syd actually did ALL of their own carving this year. I think they did a really good job. Syd’s is the howling wolf. Chris’ is the reeper. Matt’s is the bat. Instead of carving I ‘sculpted’ or so the book called it, to do the Denver Broncos logo.

P.S. the roads.. finally open.. Matt, Nate and my Dad took off at 4 this morning. Drive there, unload, and drive back. That’s a long day. They should be back around 11 tonight. Drive careful Matt. Bye Dad. I hope everything goes really good back home. Love ya.


We did our pumpkins a day early this year. As we are waiting to find out if the interstates are going to open up tomorrow, if so, Matt and Nate are driving my dad back home. He decided to move back home. But plans are being thwarted by blowing snow. But here are a few pictures of the carving. The kids asked if I was going to take pictures again this year… um.. yeah.



who wants to miss faces like this?


Look what came in the mail today!!!!


It really looks more exciting with the college’s return address showing, but that contains all manner of information we don’t need floating out here on the internet. But Matt is officially a college graduate. wow. I don’t even have the words to say how proud I am of him. Next up, MBA. nervous, but let’s get it over with already.

Matt, I Love Ya. Really, really great job.